Polyadic Dynamic Nexus among Complex Socio-Environmental Systems

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Publication type: Scientific Report
Authors: Rui A. P. Perdigão, Julia Hall, & Kaya Schwemmlein
Date: August 19th, 2020
Title: Polyadic Dynamic Nexus among Complex Socio-Environmental Systems: from Earth System Dynamics to Sustainable Development.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.46337/200819.
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Perdigão, R. A. P.; Hall, J.; & Schwemmlein, K. (2020): Polyadic Dynamic Nexus among Complex Socio-Environmental Systems: from Earth System Dynamics to Sustainable Development.

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The present contribution introduces a novel system dynamic framework to discern multivariate synergistic dynamic nexuses among socio-environmental systems, ranging from multiscale multi domain earth system dynamics to the formulation of system dynamic models, interdisciplinary analytics and decision support frameworks aiming at the multiple UN sustainable development goals in a methodologically rigorous, ethically sensible and systematically coherent integrated manner.

Methodologically, the contribution builds from recent developments by the authors in interdisciplinary information physics beyond traditional stochastic-dynamic approaches to unveil non-ergodic coevolutionary and synergistic emergence uncharted by the classical dynamical systems, complex networks and information technological approaches. This enables not only a system-level treatment of complex nexuses but also to discern the underlying mechanisms and link to the fundamental nature of the corresponding socio-environmental problems.

In operational terms, the contribution links to the ongoing flagship projects Mathematical Physics and Predictability of Complex Coevolutionary Systems and Synergistic Dynamics of Complex Socio-Natural Systems, linking fundamental theoretical and methodological research with the development of concrete solutions ranging from robust dynamic prediction and risk assessment to better informed scientific communication and more robust and operationally seamless decision support frameworks to empower our societies with the power of freedom with discernment to build a more sustainable socio-environmental nexus across multiple contexts and scales.

Key to the contribution is thus the interdisciplinary formalism that is neither limited to classical engineering paradigms for complex systems, nor to classical socio-environmental arguments and analyses. It tackles system-level interplays without losing grasp of the parts, and discerns intricate microscales links so crucial to the everyday lives of all of us without losing the overall perspective.

Moreover, it takes into account the fundamental “open book” nature of complex socio-environmental systems, building from the authors’ synergistic dynamic theory of complex coevolutionary systems and dynamic source analysis to provide interdisciplinary analytics, model design and decision support frameworks tailored for a changing world where the invariants of motion are no longer so and the nexus itself is a moving target.

The purpose is thus not to provide blind certainties, but rather to empower society with scientific literacy and wisdom to acquire and deepen a more fundamental understanding so that they can make better decisions in an uncertain world.