Doctoral School

Education is one of the fundamental pillars of a healthy and productive society. Our Meteoceanics Doctoral School on Complexity (M-DSC) provides structural contributions to Higher and Continuing Education, from doctoral programs to the organization of scientific meetings, conferences, seminar series, short courses and workshops. Moreover, our institution is actively involved in the scientific mentoring of external doctoral students across our collaboration network.

Comprehensive curricula have been designed by our chair to bring cutting-edge science to an informed audience with background in natural sciences and engineering. Summer schools, training workshops and advanced courses are promoted and held e.g.: Fluid Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Physics and Modelling, Information Physics, Nonlinear Thermodynamics, Complexity and Predictability, Nonlinear Analytics and Machine Learning, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography, Atmospheric Physics, Hydro-Climate Dynamics, Earth System Dynamics. More details can be found here.

The lectures from Rui Perdigão on Fluid Dynamical Systems: from Quantum Gravitation to Thermodynamic Cosmology are now available. Enquiries are most welcome.

In order to reach out to the broader public of all ages and backgrounds, M-DSC also organizes scientific fairs, excursions, school visits and other outreach activities. The main aims consist of sparking scientific curiosity, ingenuity and passion, broadening educational and professional horizons, and fostering optimally efficient, sustainable ways to create productive value in a positive synergy between society and nature.