is institutionally incorporated in the European Union with the charters CAE/EAC 72190, 74900, 82300, 85591, with special emphasis on the following activities:

  • Research and development in mathematical, physical and natural sciences, develop and provide innovative scientific and technologic solutions for multiple sectors of activity, e.g.: energy, aerospatial, aeronautic, meteorologic, geophysical, environmental, hydric, naval, marine, oceanographic;
  • Fundamental and applied scientific research in the aforementioned fields, including in cooperation with research universities and laboratories within and outside the EU;
  • Scientific and technologic consulting in the aforementioned sectors.
  • Development of methods and scientific products for the analysis, physical-chemical modelling and decision support in risk assessment and natural resource management;
  • Advanced Education in Science and Technology across the higher education system, including course design and implementation in university programs;
  • Organization of scientific assemblies, conferences, meetings, fairs and workshops, along with scientific outreach and communication.

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