Physical Information among Statistically Independent Processes in Coevolutionary Systems

There is a common misconcepton that statistically independent processes cannot share any information. In reality, the absence of statistical codependence does not preclude the existence of physical interactions. In order to bring out and characterize that hidden information in terms of microphysical interaction indicators, Rui A. P. Perdigão has formulated a new set of informaton measures and introduced them in [1]. The findings stress the relevance of taking nonlinear microphysical coevolution into account when formulating information measures, especially when a system is undergoing mixing among subsystems such as in thermodynamic coevolutionary settings.

[1] Perdigão, Rui A.P. (2018): Polyadic Entropy, Synergy and Redundancy among Statistically Independent Processes in Nonlinear Statistical Physics with Microphysical Codependence. Entropy 2018, 20(1), 26; doi:10.3390/e20010026