Nature is inherently coevolutionary and complex. Therefore, its fundamental understanding, analysis, modelling and risk assessment call for the development and implementation of advanced scientific methodologies that disentangle complexity and unravel hidden predictability in seemingly unpredictable phenomena.

At Meteoceanics, we develop cutting-edge projects providing sensitive scientific and technical solutions on dynamical system analytics, modelling, risk assessment and decision support for institutions operating in various sectors of activity, including environmental, naval, aerospace, energy and security. Moreover, we engage in fundamental research without the organisational constraints of an academic institute.

The scientific advances conducted in-house go beyond the traditional stochastic-dynamic paradigms in academic literature, to unveil hidden mechanisms and design frameworks for a better understanding, analysis and modelling of complex problems affecting our world and ways of life. That places us in an unrivalled position to provide clear solutions to problems that until recently could only be tackled in a non-physical probabilistic manner.

Our methods have special relevance to an early assessment of non-recurrent or unprecedented critical phenomena, which are unpredictable by classical techniques. In doing so, we provide the understanding and predictability necessary to efficiently provide robust decision support to agencies protecting the society and the environment.

Moreover, we promote educational initiatives, scientific entrepreneurship and sustainable development solutions aimed at helping local communities thrive, while helping nurture their natural and cultural heritage for generations to come.