Environment & Security

Meteoceanics Environment & Security conducts scientific research and provides services in dynamical system analytics, modelling, dynamic risk and predictability assessment for decision support to sensitive environmental and security operations, particularly in aerospace, naval, undersea, financial and civil protection contexts. Moreover, it is deeply committed to the development of methods and scientific products for the analysis, physical-chemical modelling and decision support in risk assessment of extreme events and natural resource management.

These activities are further complemented by developments in nonlinear signal processing including advanced nonlinear dynamic encryption for secure communications in sensitive contexts ranging from finance to transportation, from civil protection to environmental security. Our proprietary non-ergodic coevolutionary and synergistic dynamic algorithms in information physics enable secure data encoding, transmission and processing beyond the state of the art in the public literature, providing a level of security and competitiveness unattainable by standard information frameworks.

While generically open to contact from interested parties, Meteoceanics shall only pursue collaborations with idoneous entities sharing the values fostered by the Charter of the United Nations.