Physical Information among Statistically Independent Processes in Coevolutionary Systems

There is a common misconcepton that statistically independent processes cannot share any information. In reality, the absence of statistical codependence does not preclude the existence of physical interactions. In order to bring out and characterize that hidden information in terms of microphysical interaction indicators, Rui A. P. Perdigão has formulated a new set of informaton […]

2017/18 Listings in Meteoceanics Education

Meteoceanics Education delivers the following topics as courses or workshops: Fluid Dynamical Systems Mathematical Physics and Modelling Information Physics Nonlinear Thermodynamics, Complexity and Predictability Nonlinear Analytics and Machine Learning Computational Fluid Dynamics Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography Hydro-Climate Dynamics Earth System Dynamics. Other initiatives can be formulated and scheduled on request.

Mathematical Physics and Predictability of Complex Coevolutionary Systems

Meteoceanics chairman Rui Perdigão has launched an international program on the mathematical physics of complexity. The program entails the theoretical establishment of the fundamental principles and general governing laws for complex systems, including the far from equilibrium coevolutionary dynamics where the ergodic assumptions of classical dynamical system theories do not work. The theory provides fundamental […]